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Act349 Course Outline

Assignment for Sep 17, 2014

Company career visits

Prereqs for ACT349 and info about pensions and P&C courses

Portions of Lecture Sep 10, 2014:
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Medical certificates:
To be fair to the honest students, I assume that your MD, despite his/her (required) College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario number, is like the one in the cartoon and feels that his/her time has better uses than guessing how you sick you were on term test day.  Please see course outlines below about my policy for (often not) accepting medical certificates.  A medical certificate may result in a zero on a term test.

Student participation laser pointers:
Are less than 5 mw - I've shone one in my pupil for 5 seconds but you are strongly advised not to do the same! (Or to stare at the sun either!)   Please don't distract your classmates by shining them around too playfully, but please do use them to point at items you don't understand, suspected errors in formulas or diagrams, or to respond to questions. Please return them at the end of every lecture by leaving on a table near the door - I  pay for them personally in dollar stores.  Comments or recommendations please to me at






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 ACT349H1F F2014 Corporate Finance L0101

F2014: W4-7 (First 4:00pm Sep 10)

TBA K. Sharp