In this section I am compiling information about those musicians who had an influence on the development of Howard Robert's guitar playing. In particular I recently learned about Horace Hatchett who, while not a well known guitar player, certainly taught some significant people.

If you can think of more things I should add please let me know. Certainly Jack Marshall and Barney Kessel were major influences on H.R. and in time I will put up some material on these individuals. Also Mitch Holder has told me that H.R. cited two very profound influences from classical music. In the traditional area, J.S. Bach was a big influence, in the modern era, Bela Bartok and also a movie composer, Hugo Friedhofer.

You can listen to some comments by H.R. about (thanks to Ray Wolff for these):

Some further information about his influences can be found at the following links.