Andy Nelson's Notes for the Howard Roberts Epiphone Guitar

Basic specifications for the Howard Roberts Model Epiphone Deluxe Electric Guitar

Intended retail price: Approx $600
Standard model: Approx $300
To be competitive with the Gibson ES 175

  1. Circumference - Basically a Triumph Model
  2. Top - carved spruce
  3. Bracing - X type
  4. Color - violin finish, honey color (satin finish) with optional standard dark sunburst finish.
  5. Sides and Back - Dark Mahogany (gloss finish)
  6. Tail piece - standard Epiphone
  7. Bridge - 1st choice Ebony, 2nd choice - Rosewood
  8. Binding - white, black, white throughout
  9. Pickguard - with white binding
  10. Pickup - standard Epiphone type Humbucker Must be sealed in black epoxy resin for two reasons:
    a: unique appearance
    b: to add mass and minimize microphonics
    Also the heads of the adjustment screws should be slightly larger in circumference. Also pickup epoxy should have to emulate binding or frame effect. Pickup to be countersunk approx 1/16" to 1/8" to top and bonded. Two pickups optional.
  11. Control knobs - standard placement in lieu of improved control system to be developed by Roberts ( as previously discussed.)
  12. Neck - laminated mahogany (a) with contoured heel (b) optional - in two sizes, small and large antifatigue.
  13. Fingerboard - Ebony
  14. Postition marks - Crowns
  15. Frets - small Gibson type 22 up to D
  16. Scale - 24 3/4
  17. Nut Fret
  18. Peghead - Massive with new Epiphone cutout
  19. Pegs - round standard type.
  20. Scroll pearl - standard Epiphone Sheraton, or crown design
  21. Standard epiphone cover for rod