Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 23:40:26 EST
From: Dave Burley 
Reply-To: "Bluegrass music discussion." 
Subject: Re: Less Pall

Ron....In 1976 I had the pleasure/displeasure of producing an album
featuring, among others, the great Les Paul.  The reason I say
pleasure/displeasure is because it was such a pleasure to be involved
with the production for almost a year with the legend, Les Paul, and it was
also a displeasure, for lack of a better word, to have to attempt to mix a 24
track recording with Les Paul involved.....I don't know if you are familiar
with any of the jazz greats, but, I produced a live session at the Longhorn
Ballroom in Dallas, Texas featuring, Les Paul, Howard Roberts, Tal
Farlow, Herb Ellis, Bucky Pizzarelli, all on jazz guitar, Buddy Emmons, Curly
Chalker, Doug Jernigan, Julian Tharp and Maurice Anderson on peddle
steel guitar, the great Louis Bellson on drums, Slam Stewart on accoustic
bass and Johnny Gore on Sax.  This was supposed to be my day in the sun.  Six
hours of live concert featuring two one hour jams featuring all of the above on
the same stage.  I had releases from everyone except for Les Paul who
agreed to what ever every else had agreed to.....Wrong....After the recording, 
Les wanted the whole ball and wax.....What I am getting to, we went into
the studio in Nashville, Tenn. to attempt to mix Les out of most of the
recording.   Wrong again....The master and inventor of the early overdubbing
and multiple instrument recording by one person snookered us all and
set up his equipment so that it bled into every one of the 24 tracks.  It was
impossible to edit him out.  He was and I guess still is a slick ole
feller. I believe that Les is also the inventor of the reverb, tremolo and
many other musical things.  I heard his electronic drums before it was ever on
the market.  He called it 'the LesPaula'........ Dave Burley

Ron.......I have about four hours of unmixed recordings from that session. United Artists paid me well for the two one hour jam sessions featuring all of those artists on stage at the same time. It was never released because Les Paul would not sign a release unless he was listed as one of the producers and his agent asked for a larger percentage for him than I was even getting according to my contract. I do have mixed down copies which are super. I also have about four hours that I own of each one of the musicians doing a fifteen minute mini-concert with my staff band of jazz musicians. It is just great stuff that has not been heard. Can you imagine, Buddy Emmons sitting next to Howard Roberts playing his best and actually, I believe, somewhat intimidating Howard Roberts, it that was possible? At the time, I also had concepts for more albums featuring one jazz guitarist and one steel guitarist with an all star line-up. This never happened because of Les's refusal to follow through with his agreement, that agreement being that he would do the concert and recording for whatever the other guys agreed on. He refused to keep his word, so, end of my career. The mixed masters are still in LA in the can and probably will not be released until after Les's death. The title of the album will be, 'Dave Burleys Cavalcade of Guitars.' Are you familiar with the names on the album? I have a great interest in jazz and handpicked everyone of them except for Les Paul. I was advised that we needed a name that would be known by the masses. I made a mistake. I had two other jazz guitarists that were chomping on the bit to be part of it, one being Joe Pass and the other being George Benson. Just didn't have room. Just a quick funny note.......I really caught 'heck' from Shot Jackson because I didn't include him on the session.......Can you imagine Shot on stage with all of those jazz guitarists? Hey, Thanks for responding. Maybe sometime at a festival or wherever I will let you be one of the very few ever to hear any of these recordings. Dave Burley