Howard Roberts Seminar at Lenny's on the Turnpike in Peabody, MA - 1972

H.R. with John Abercrombie (?) and Mick Goodrick.

These photos were taken by Russell Brannon and were sent to me by Jon McGrath of North Vancouver who attended the seminar when he was a member of the RCMP band. Jon recounts:

"I had the pleasure of his joining a couple of us for lunch. A charming and most unpretentious man - particularly given his musical talent and achievements."

"The seminar was held the week after Labour Day 1972 at Lenny's on the Turnpike in Peabody (Boston), MA. HR had hoped to have Al Caiola attend for an afternoon - unfortunately he was not available. However, HR did get Bill Leavitt of Berklee to speak to us. Another very charming and unpretentious artist with whom I had an enjoyable and informative conversation."
Many thanks to Jon (and to Russell) for this.